Waterproof Wax

Leather Dressing 200 waterproofs your Leather.

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waterproof Wax for Leather

The special formulation of LEATHER DRESSING 2000 ensures that all leathers treated with this product will not only become waterproof but also be restored to look like new. The following articles are suitable for treatment with LEATHER DRESSING 2000;
Walking Boots, Motor Cycle Leathers, Leather Clothing, Luggage, Football/Rugby Boots, Normal Footwear, Leather Gloves.

Leather Dressing 2000 has been tested by Walking Britain Web Site and this is what they had to say;

"Tested in Derbyshire and the Lake District in very wet conditions, this product performed beyond expectations. Convenient packaging (no messy tubes!) and a pleasant texture and smell.
Recommended - Lou Johnson"

£3.00 per jar.

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Waterproof Wax