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Luxury Sheepskin Pet Bed LUXURY SHEEPSKIN PET BEDS are available in three sizes;
Small - 23 inches x 16 inches (58 x 41cm) £15.99
Medium - 26 inches x 18 inches (68 x 46cm) £22.99
Large - 29 inches x 20 inches (74 x 51cm) £31.99
Genuine sheepskin with natural coloured wool.
Fully cotton backed.
Machine washable.
Easy care instructions supplied.
Full Cotton Lined Luxury Sheepskin Pet Bed
Large Pet Bed
Medium Pet Bed
Small Pet Bed

It has long been a problem to remove dog hairs from car upholstery, but now,
SACS Repackaging UK has found a simple solution.
* CHAMOIS LEATHER * @ £4.99 each
Thoroughly wet the chamois then wring out as much as you can.
Rub vigorously along the surface of the upholstery in one direction only.
Watch the dust and dog hairs roll together.
Remove the dust and dog hairs by hand, brush or vacuum cleaner.
We do not say it is easy, but it is very effective.
SACS cannot take responsibility for your upholstery.
Chamois to remove dog hair from upholstery
Emergency Poo Bag on a dogs collar How many times has your dog let you down?
How many times has your dog "been" twice?
How many times have you forgotten to take a "Poobag" with you?
SACS Repackaging would like to introduce its
A stylish leather bag which fits onto the collar and comes with its' own Poo Bag.
£3·10 each.
Supplied with a plastic bag and a piece of kitchen towel


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