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Chamois Pull-Tie Pouch Chamois Leather Pull-Tie Pouch - 4 x 3 inch £2.10
Chamois Leather pull-tie pouch. Use natures softness to store delicate items such as jewelry, glass etc. or simply use it as a very soft, exquisite purse.
Chamois Pouch Chamois Leather Pouch - £2.10
Chamois leather pouch. 4" x 2.5". Press stud fastening, ideal for keeping loose change in. Leave it in your car for the times you require change for parking and if you ever need chamois leather, its there
6x Chamois Spectacle Cleaners Chamois Leather Spectacle Cleaners (Pack of 6) - £2.64 per pack.
Leave in your glasses case and have clear and bright lenses all the time. The natural softness of chamois leather ensures a perfect clean every time.
Chamois Desktop Wipes Chamois Leather Desktop Wipes - £6.29
Chamois Leather Desktop Wipes 20 top quality chamois leather rectangles 6" x 4" contained in a laminated case. Ideal to leave on your desk to clean your glasses, computer screen etc.
Not Asembled Self Assembly
Leather Bull
Assembled Self assembly leather bull. Comes flat packed with clear instructions. Requires no glue or any other materials for assembly. A truly delightful product.
Leather Purse Keyfob Leather Purse
Fits onto any key ring. Leather Purse Keyfob Holds £1.00 and £0.20 coins. Hold in the purse for supermarket trolleys, parking etc.
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